What Are You Thinking?

I was deeply affected by something I read the other day in Matthew Kelly’s book Rediscovering Catholicism. It was just one small sentence, but it impacted me tremendously. Here it is:

“The actions of your life are determined by your last most dominant thought.”

Take a moment and reflect on it. Read it two or three times and really discern what it is saying to you.

I first read this sentence about a week and a half ago. It has been with me ever since, almost haunting me. I can’t stop thinking about it and the implications of it. What are my thoughts? Do they really influence my actions and if so, how?

Our thoughts do indeed affect our actions. It is impossible for them to not. We need to make an effort to limit the influences on our thoughts. We are hammered by over 17,000 images, words, and influences every day. These influences are mostly media related–television, internet, music, magazines, etc. Every time we listen to something, see something, or read something it enters into our thought processes. We can’t avoid it. So, the question that remains, what are your most DOMINANT thoughts? Are your most dominant thoughts those of the media with their secular biases, or are your most dominant thoughts those of a Christian worldview? What we can control is which thoughts dominate our minds. If we fill ourselves with the love of Christ and enter into a relationship with Him, then He will dominate our thoughts. I’ve been trying to allow Christ to dominate my thoughts over the past week and I can already feel a difference in my life.

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