Why Have You Forsaken Me?

I spent a lot of time over the last week reflecting on the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. It was, as you all know, Holy Week, and I hope and pray all of you spent some time in reflection as well. One of the things I have reflected on was Jesus’ last words.

In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus cries out, just before his death, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me.” As I was praying about this and reflecting on it, my prayer led me to God saying the same thing to me, “My son, my son, why have you forsaken me.” I have forsaken God in my life. We all have forsaken Him. Every time we turn our backs on Him and choose our will over His, we forsake our Heavenly Father. I imagine it hurts Him just as much as it hurt Christ when He felt forsaken. The difference is, Christ wasn’t really forsaken by the Father. In His Humanness Christ felt alone, but He wasn’t. The Father was with Him throughout His passion and death. When WE forsake our Father, we really do leave Him. We really do turn our backs on His love for us. And that causes Him pain. He suffers when we turn away from Him.

However, our God is a loving and merciful God. In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus calls out, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” Our heavenly Father says the same to us: “Son, into your hands I commend my Spirit.” Despite our brokenness and sinfulness, God our Father sends us the Holy Spirit to strengthen us and guide us. He has not, and will not, give up on us. We must receive the Holy Spirit. We must allow the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to give us the strength we need to overcome our sinfulness. We must use the Holy Spirit to show love and mercy to others just as God shows love and mercy to us.

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Are You Man (or Woman) Enough?

Are you strong enough? Do you think you have it in you? Do you have the guts to take it? These are questions that we hear often, aour way. So, let me ask you…Can you handle it?

Christ is the perfect picture of strength. Many thought that he was weak minded because he didn’t fight for his life in those last days. But he knew what he was doing. He had more strength than anyone could imagine.

Christ rejected the ways of this world. We called to do so as well. Christ endured ridicule. Are you willing to endure ridicule? He endured physical pain. Will you endure physical pain? He went through mental anguish beyond our imagining? Can you endure that same anguish? He suffered on the cross and died. Are you willing to suffer and die? He did all of this for you. He did it all for me. He did it because He loves us. Are you willing to sacrifice it all for your love of Him? That, my friends, is true strength.

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