I don’t watch much television, but I’ve heard reports about the Presidential inauguration. I’ve heard that President Obama’s supporters are just ecstatic at the fact that he has officially become president. I did turn the television on this morning, more curious about the weather than politics. I witnessed for myself the joy that people are feeling about the “change” in government. People all over the country are acting like giddy little schoolchildren over the fact that Obama is now the president. They have this hope that things are now going to change. They have placed their faith in this new government. THEY HAVE IT ALL WRONG!

Let us first look at the reasons why people have placed their hope in Obama and the change in the U.S. government. Obama’s supporters, and all people, hope. We hope for security–financial security, physical security, and emotional security. We hope for peace. We hope for happiness. We hope for love. There is nothing wrong in hoping for these things. It’s natural for us to do so. What is wrong, is WHO we place our hope in to bring us these things. No president, no government, no earthly thing or person can ever fulfill our hope. Placing our hope in men of this world will ultimately lead us to disappointment. There is only one Man who will never disappoint us, and that is Jesus Christ. Only Christ can fulfill all we hope for.

So, if you are an Obama supporter, you need to consider what you are hoping for and who you are placing your hope in. If you are placing your hope in the president or the government, you WILL ultimately be disappointed. Only Christ can bring us true security, peace, happiness, and love. Those of you who do not support Obama need to reflect on this as well. Those of you who are fearful of where this country is headed also need to consider where you are placing your hope. Christ says “do not be afraid”. Place your hope in the Lord. Let go of your fears and trust that God will bring us security, peace, happiness, and love.

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