Sam I Am vs. The Devil

Prior to entering the life of youth ministry, I was in sales. I wasn’t a very good salesman, but I did learn a lot about the characteristics of salesmen. The best salesmen are incredibly persuasive. They make you feel good about the item or service that they are attempting to sell you. They are also incredibly persistent. I remember going to a sales training meeting and the sales trainer started talking about the best book on sales he had ever read. All of us in the class got excited about this book as he claimed that if we could carry out what this book is telling us as salesmen to do, then we would be extremely successful. I got my pen ready to write down the name of the author and title of the book and eagerly anticipated that piece of information. Finally, he pulled out an old, worn copy of the book that looked like it had been through years and years of reading and re-reading. The book he pulled out of his briefcase was “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss. The trainer went on to explain that Sam was the best salesman there ever was. He truly did not give up until he sold his wares. He was incredibly persistent and in the end he was able to sell his green eggs and ham.

Although Sam is an incredible salesman, there is one that is better, more cunning, more persuasive, more persistent. That salesman is the devil. Satan pulls out all the tricks getting us to buy into what he has to sell. I see how persistent, persuasive, and cunning he is in my own life. He uses tricks on me like, “It feels good”, or “No one will know”. He entices me with pleasures from this world. He even goes so far as to say, “Come on, you can always go to confession afterwards!” Oh, how easy it is go give into the temptations of sin! As the Lord said to Cain: “Sin is a demon lurking at the door.” (Genesis 4:7) The devil is a door to door salesman, selling his wares to any and all who open the door of their souls to him.

We must not be persuaded! Just as with any big “purchase”, we must go to the Lord in prayer to discuss what the devil is trying to sell us. Only the Lord can help us determine if what we are being asked to purchase is a good and worthy purchase. We must slam the door of our soul in the face of the devil when he knocks. We must drop to our knees at the moment of the temptation to “buy” what the devil is selling us and pray to the Lord for help and guidance.

But, alas, we do not do this. The devil is so cunning and persuasive a salesman that he convinces us that we don’t need to discuss the “purchase” with anyone. He tells us that what we are buying is good, that we deserve what he is selling us.

Heavenly Father, Give us the foresight to look out the windows of our souls and see the devil approaching our doors in an attempt to sell us his wares. Give us the strength to resist opening the door to him. Give us the ability to resist the persuasiveness of the devil. Give us the wisdom to know the difference between what you want for us and what the devil is trying to sell us. Amen.

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