The Price is Right!

Can you put a price on life? Some people think you can. I heard a statistic on the radio the other day that stated that, on average, parents spend $200k raising a child from birth through age 17.

My wife and I just welcomed our fifth child into the world. While at the hospital I heard several comments from nurses, after hearing that our new baby was #5, saying that having that many children is expensive. Yes, having children is expensive. But what difference does that really make? Unfortunately for many people, it makes too much of a difference. It is easy to do this when money is our focus in life. When we place the accumulation of money and worldly comforts above God’s will for our lives, then we cannot afford children. They will be too expensive. Our world is so caught up in money and possessions that we see raising children as a liability and not as an asset.

However, life is not a balance sheet. It is not about weighing our assets and liabilities. When considering having children, the question of affordability should not be the main question we ask. It is absolutely a component, as we should not be irresponsible. Adding children to a family should be an ongoing discussion between husband, wife, and God. Prayer is probably the most important aspect of discerning having children. We need to discern what God wants for us and our family. If God does want a married couple to add children to their family, and the couple discerns that through prayer, then God will provide for that family. We have always struggled to make ends meet financially, yet God has always provided us with what we need.

God also knows what is best for us when considering adding children to our families. Let me illustrate this with a real life example. Back in 2007, my wife and I spent quite a bit of time praying about and talking about adding a fifth child to our family. After months of prayer and consideration, we decided to try to have another child. Now, we have never had fertility issues in the past. We always got pregnant within the first month or two of trying. Yet, we did not conceive in our first month. The very next month I lost my job. You see, God knew what he was doing. He knew that He had a plan for us and adding another child at that point was not a part of that plan. We would not have been able to afford another child through my unemployment.

We need to trust God and His plan for us, not just for our family, but for everything. God will continue to provide for our needs if we allow Him to. We need to discuss our plans with Him in prayer and with all those who are involved in the decision. We need to pray constantly to understand God’s will for us. God will provide for us as long as we follow His plan for us, and not our own plan. It doesn’t matter if it costs $200k or $2 million to raise a child, if it is God’s will for my wife and I to add to our family, I trust that he will provide us the means to do so.

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  1. God Bless all of you and your new BLESSing!

    what's money anyway? – you can't take it to heaven with you -but your precous little one ( and the others) can all join you with God in the eternal paradise.

  2. Congrats for the new kid. Excellent post, I live in Brazil and me and my wife are expecting the third, very encouraging your life experience. Thanks

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