Am I Self-Righteous?

Self-righteous and sanctimonious? Someone I respect recently said this of me. It got me thinking, is it true? I write a blog to share my faith with others. I use Facebook and twitter to share my faith with others. But does this mean that I’m self-righteous and sanctimonious? For someone who doesn’t understand why I do what I do, it may seem that way.

So, why do I try to share my faith with others? Do I do it because I’m saying “Look at me! Look at how strong my faith is! I’m better than you!”? Or do I do it because I am truly passionate about my faith and the graces God has given me that it just overflows and spreads to others? Do I share my faith as an evangelization tool, or as a way to attract attention to myself? To do the latter is sinful. Yes, I do admit that I get a sense of satisfaction when people read my blog or Facebook and twitter status updates and comment on them. It does puff my pride up a bit to see people react positively to what I do. But this is not why I do what I do.

My attempt, in evangelizing online, is to share with others the joys and struggles of my own faith journey. Yes, it is far from perfect, but my prayer is that people be encouraged by and strengthened by my struggles and joys. I am always the first one to admit my faults, and regular readers of this blog will see that. I am trying with all my heart to love Christ and follow Him to the best of my ability–and that includes sharing my faith with others as Christ calls each and every one of us to do. We are not in this alone and need the love and support each other in our journey. I’m attempting to use my blog, Facebook, and twitter to do just that. Is that self-righteous and sanctimonious?

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  1. As a mere reader, I do not feel that you are a self-righteous blogger… I enjoy the real sincerity of your blogs and feel that your openness with regard to faith and life is refreshing. I think that you are answering the Pope's call to use the media to evangelize the world. Reading the struggles and the faith of others is a grace in my life. Reading blogs like yours helps me to fight the good fight and I definitely would not call it self-righteous or sinful.

  2. Thank you for your comment. After reflecting on what my friend had said and thinking and praying about it, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not being self-righteous. I do appreciate the confirmation of that!

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