I’ve Got It All Backwards

I pray every day. Well…I attempt to pray every day. In my line of work (youth ministry) it is absolutely critical that I pray every day. How can I feed the youth if I am not fed myself? How can I teach them to have a relationship with God if I don’t have a relationship with Him? So, as any good youth minister would do, I schedule an hour every day to pray. And every day I go to the church and sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament and pray. However, I rarely make it through the full hour I schedule. As soon as I sit down I feel a pull to go back to my office and do something productive (as if prayer is not productive). I feel the strong desire to leave Jesus’ presence as soon as I enter it.

I was reflecting on this today as I was praying in the church. It hit me that if I really knew what I was attempting to do (i.e. talk with God) then it should be more difficult for me to leave the church. My desire should be to remain in front of the Blessed Sacrament ALL DAY LONG! Instead, I’ve got it all backwards. I want to stop praying–to stop communicating with God–as soon as I start. How can I have a relationship with God if I keep running away from Him?

This world has many distractions. We allow ourselves to get caught up in them. No wonder we are all physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained. We don’t take the time to nurture the ONE relationship that will truly fill all of our needs–physical, emotional, and spiritual. We should not allow ourselves to become distracted with everything else we feel that we have to do. The only thing that we absolutely HAVE to do is to talk to God, to enter into a relationship with Him, through prayer. And that goes for doctors, lawyers, astrophysicists, and grocery store clerks in addition to youth ministers. We all need to take the time-and get our priorities right–to enter into a relationship with God through prayer.

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  1. You got it. It is just too important to spend all the time we can in prayer. When someone tells me that they are too busy to pray, I remind them that that is the time they need to spend more time on their knees. There is never, never anything more important. Never!

  2. I face this battle constantly!! How great would it to be to have your office in a church though!! You could always go work in front of the tabernacle that way it's done with His blessing. šŸ™‚

  3. This was a good message (or "word" as we say in the pentacostal church) for me. Easy to get distracted a small step at a time and look up and wonder how you got there. Thx "Pastor" Tim.


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