Treasure Hunting

I’m hunting for treasure! In fact, we all are. We are all on a hunt for the treasures this life has to offer.

The reign of God is like a buried treasure which a man found in a field. He hid it again, and rejoicing at his find went and sold all he had and bought that field. (Matthew 13:44)

In this parable the man who found this treasure made a decisive and life changing decision. He sold everything! He gave up everything in order to buy field that contained the treasure. I often wonder why I’m not willing to “sell” everything–to give up all–in order to obtain the Kingdom of God.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I have not yet found it. I’m still hunting. I can’t have found it! If I had, I would be willing to give up everything for it, but alas, I’m not. Sure, I find “gold coins” from time to time. I have found bits and pieces of the treasure of the Kingdom of God, but not the full treasure. I’m still clinging to my stuff, to my earthly life. I think many of us are in the same situation. We want to find the treasure and we’re searching for it, but most of us haven’t found it yet. If we had our lives would be radically different than they are now–at least mine would be.

We must ask ourselves: Why haven’t I found the full treasure of the Kingdom? Is it that I’m not looking in the right places? Is it that I’m not searching hard enough? I think that for many of us–especially for myself–that the answer to both questions is YES! I’m not looking in the right places. I still cling to the comforts of this world. I’m still distracted and busy with the things of our world. I am seeking the treasures of this world and not those of the Kingdom.

I also believe that many of us are not searching hard enough. I know that I certainly do not spend as much time searching for the Kingdom of God as I should. The Kingdom of God is in the depths of our hearts and souls. The only way to explore those depths is through prayer. Jim Beckman in his book “God Help Me” said that prayer needs to be as important in our lives as breathing! We should not be able to function if we don’t pray. It is through searching the depths of our soul and finding God there that we are truly able to find His Kingdom.

I hope and pray that we all are able to find the full treasure of the Kingdom of God. I hope we keep searching and that we are able to keeping finding the “gold coins” that help keep us motivated to continue our search. I commit to not look for the Kingdom in the things of this world and to spend more time looking for it in the right places. Someday I may find the treasure. I hope you do, too. It will change our lives!

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  1. Wonderful post Tim…I needed this reflection to start my day, thanks!


  2. It is amazing to hear these words from a cradle Catholic. It is very rare to hear such an admission from someone who has been cradled by the truth for much of their life. We all definitely struggle with the same questions, at least those of us that are still searching…God Bless…Jason

  3. I enjoyed this peice about searching for God's kingdom in our lives. I know that we will all find contentment in the plan that God has for us, but we must have patience. True contentment in what we are doing on the path to God's kingdom is virtuouus. Faith can be filling and dry so sometimes through no fault of your own the kingdom of God may feel closer to us or more distant. In Mother Teresa's writings she expressed long periods of spiritual dryness and this is no reflection of her personal holiness. I know that the kingdom of God is amazing and I hope to make my life an image of God on earth. God be praised!

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