“Why is it that when sin is running rampant there is always someone who wants to lower the standards and then say everything is fine?” My wife made that statement in response to an article she read from a so-called “Catholic” magazine. The article suggested that the main issue with priestly infedility was that they were not allowed to marry. The article suggested that allowing priests to marry would solve all of the sexual issues that have surfaced in the media surrounding priests.

I think that what my wife said in response to this article is dead on. The issue at hand is not priestly celibacy. Allowing priests to get married as a solution to priestly infidelity is like permitting married men (and women) to pursue sexual relations outside of marriage to solve the issue of marital infidelity. The problem is much deeper than celibacy, and it is not just an issue with priests. The issue at hand is sexuality itself.

Our culture has been in moral decline for decades. The standards are indeed being lowered. Every day we are overwhelmed with images of sexuality. Contraception, pornography, and abortion have become accepted and even encouraged. The lure of this world and sexual promiscuity is extremely strong and has eaten away at our culture. No wonder priests and married men have a hard time with their vows. The pull of this world is great.

What needs to be done is to look at the root of the problem. Allowing priests to get married is not going to solve this sexual crisis. Holding ourselves to a higher standard will. Standing up to the media outlets and telling them to stop contributing to our moral decline will. Most importantly, we need to pray. We need to pray for our priests that they may have the strength to remain true to their vow of celibacy. We need to pray for married men and women that they may remain true to their marital vows. We also need to pray for single men and women that they too may understand that sex is sacred and reserved for marriage.

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  1. It would seem to me that the priests were NOT keeping their vow of celibacy. That is why I never understood that argument. IF YOU KEPT YOUR VOW THEN WE WOULDN’T BE IN THIS MESS! (Please take the previous statement and apply it to any vocation)

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. We need to look deeper. The issue isn’t priestly celibacy, it’s how we as a culture view sexuality. Married men and women have the same struggles with infidelity in their vows as priests do, but marital infidelity has become accepted and even encouraged in our culture, which is why the press doesn’t talk about it. All of us need to adhere to the vows we take and not take them lightly as so many people do.

  3. Excelent text.

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