The Renewal Begins With You!

The Catholic Church is in need of a renewal. For years now people have been leaving the Church. Some of them are going to Protestant Churches, some of them have stopped going to Church altogether. Why are so many leaving the Church? It all comes down to mission. We have lost sight of our mission as a Church–the mission of evangelization. Many of us have lost our passion for our faith, if we ever had it at all. This is the main cause, in my meager opinion, of the crisis we are in right now.

Bishops, pastors, and even the laity, across America have lost their passion for their faith. We have lost sight of the depth of our faith. There is a richness and beauty in our Catholic faith that is not present in any other faith. We need to rediscover it. We need to seek out opportunities to learn more about our faith and why the Catholic Church teaches what it does. We need to discover, on our own, the beauty of the liturgy. Why does the Church believe in the True Presence of the Body and Blood of Christ in the bread and wine? Why does Mass seem so formal? We need to research the issues surrounding the Church. Why is the Church against contraception, divorce, married priests, female priests, etc..? I could sit here and preach to you why the Church holds the positions it does on these matters and more. But unless you have an open mind and heart you will not understand. Instead of questioning the Church’s teachings with a closed mind or simply dismissing Her views as outdated, you should try to understand Her point of view.

I was at one time skeptical of many of the teachings of the Church. I, myself have said that the Church is closed-minded and outdated–that the Church needs to come into the 21st century–that it needs to change. But the more I research why with an open mind and heart, the more I understand the beauty of the Church. As I understand more, I become more passionate about my faith. It is that passion that will bring about the renewal that the Church is in so desperate need of.

The answer is not ordaining women or allowing priests to become married. The answer is not in relaxing the Church’s stance on contraception and divorce. The answer is in each one of us. Are we willing to change? We are the Church, and unless we are willing to change, the Church cannot change. Unless we are willing to have an open mind and open heart the Church will not be renewed. Unless we prayerfully consider why the Church teaches what it teaches we will continue to see the numbers drop; we will continue to have a shortage of priests. The renewal of the Church begins in your heart–not in the Vatican, not in the Bishop’s office, not in the pastor’s office. I truly believe that anyone who is willing to approach the teachings of the Church with an open mind and heart will be renewed spiritually. You will (re)discover your passion for your faith when you have a true understanding of it. And your passion will bring others back to the Church. There is only one question that remains: Will you have an open mind and heart?

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