Voyeurism Anyone?

The world is a different place now than it was when I was a teenager only 20 years ago. The introduction of the internet and online “social networking” has had a dramatic impact on how people interact with each other. Websites like twitter, Facebook, MySpace and others have revolutionized communication. Even the cell phone and texting has played a major role in this dramatic change.

So, what do I think about all of this? At first glance it appears as though these sites are a great way to communicate with others. I have “be-friended” old high school classmates with the sole purpose of seeing what they were up to. I had no interest in reconnecting with them. Most of them weren’t really my friends. It seems as though people are more interested in a voyeuristic view of others than they are in a real connection with them. It also seems that these sites have become an avenue of self-promotion, “twittering” every aspect of their lives. This video illustrates my point.

There is no real connection between people through online social media or even texting. You cannot have a real relationship with people without interacting face to face, without verbal communication.

So what do we do? We need to consider why we are engaging in these online social networking sites. Are we there for voyeuristic reasons? Are we there to brag about ourselves? If you answered yes to either (or both) of these questions, then you really need to reconsider being a part of it all. I, myself, am making a resolve to use these sites as a part of my ministry–to share with others my faith and encourage them in theirs. I need to keep in mind, however, that my faith is more than just a status update on my Facebook or twitter page. I need to be living it out through my thoughts, words, and actions. You should try to do the same (right after you join my twitter network, CradleCatholic!)

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