Universal Call to Holiness

We are all called to holiness. It’s why our Heavenly Father created us. The call is universal–regardless of what your spiritual or socioeconomic background is. I know that when I think of this in relation to myself I become quickly overwhelmed at the thought of being holy. It is very discouraging for me to look at holy people like Mother Theresa or Pope John Paul II and then look at my own life. I am not nearly as holy as them, not by a long shot!

First of all, I have to realize that God does not call me to be like Mother Theresa, the pope, or any other holy person. He is calling me, and all of us, to our own unique holiness. These holy people serve as an example of holiness, but we are not called to be their carbon copies. We all have our own gifts and talents that we are to utilize in our call to holiness.

Still, the task of being holy is daunting. Matthew Kelly states that “in one moment you can become holy. In any moment that you choose to be all you can be – you are holy.” Holiness is a choice to be the best person I can be. We become holy one moment at a time, one decision at a time. When we choose to give glory to God instead of cursing Him, to build up our neighbor instead of tearing him down, to turn away from sin instead of giving into temptation, then we decide to be holy–in that moment. If we continue to make those choices throughout our lives, then we will become holy.

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