On Running…

I was a runner in my youth. I ran track for the Boys and Girls Club all throughout grade school and also during high school. During track season we practiced five days a week. Practice started in early spring when it was still cold in St. Louis and the season ran into early summer when it was hot and humid. I hated running. I hated the cold. I hated the heat and humidity. I hated going to practice every day. I never listened to my coaches who told me I needed to run outside of practice and during the off season. The only reason I kept up with it for 12 years was for the track meets. I loved the competition of the meets. That alone kept me coming back year after year.

What I loved most about the meets was the race. I was an extremely focused and determined competitor. As soon as the gun went off, I saw nothing else but the finish line. I didn’t see the crowds. I didn’t even see the other competitors. All I saw was that line. I didn’t hear anything else either. I didn’t hear the crowds cheering me and the other competitors on. Nothing could distract me from my goal of crossing that finish line. It didn’t matter how long the race was or how many trips I made around the track. All I was focused on was the race.

This is a metaphor for life. We are all in the midst of a race. What are we running for? What is at our finish line? I imagine myself on a track running a race with Jesus at the finish line. His arms are open waiting for me, to embrace me. If only I could be as focused and determined to finish this race of life as I was when I was on the track team. If only I could let nothing distract me from my goal.

Life is hard. Life isn’t always fun. It doesn’t always feel good. Sometimes life hurts. But we shouldn’t give up on it. We shouldn’t let all of the distractions of this world get to us. We should, instead, be like athletes in a race for our lives, literally! We should keep our eyes focused on Christ, on the finish line of eternal life in heaven.

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