Which life are you living?

I was out to dinner last night with my wife–something we never get to do with four kids. We were having a conversation about faith and how people of faith live their lives. There are many Christians that seem to be living dual lives. First they have their family and work–their daily obligations. They live this life in the world and are deeply influenced by it. The other world many of us live in is Church. We say that we are Christians and we go to church on Sunday, but do we really live out our Christian obligations?

Many times these two worlds never intersect. People seem to be just fine living in these two worlds. An issue arises here when people search for happiness in their lives. They have a choice to make. Do I seek happiness in the world of my daily life, or do I seek happiness in my “church world”? Oftentimes, we choose to seek out happiness in our worldly lives. And why not? The happiness we seem to get here is instant! We are instantly gratified when we seek out happiness in this world. The problem is that the supposed happiness we find in the world is not lasting–it is not true happiness. True happiness comes when we seek first the Lord. It is only in Him and through Him that we can truly achieve the happiness we all desire.

So, how do we reconcile these two worlds so that we may choose the appropriate path? The answer is simple. INTEGRATE THEM. Make no distinction between your daily life and your faith life. This is accomplished by putting your FAITH FIRST! The Lord will bless us in our daily life if we come to Him before we begin our days. We need to integrate our faith into our daily activities, whether it be work, school, family, etc. This is not as easy as it sounds. I struggle with this on a daily basis. The pull of this world is very strong and hard to resist. We just need to pray that the Lord will bless us and guide us in our efforts to be closer to Him. This is the path to true happiness.

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